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Inflatable Moose or Deer

  • The Inflatable Deer or Moose Head is the perfect gag gift for the avid hunter!

    This Inflatable Moose/Deer Head is just what you've been looking for. Picture this: you have a room that you want to make perfectly homey. Only a moose head on the wall could complete the aura, but you're an animal rights activist, can't hold a gun, and don't know any hunters. How are you going to add to the charm of your bedroom or wood cabin? The Inflatable Moose Head is your answer! Easily blown-up to look like a realistic moose head, this inflatable decoration can be effortlessly mounted to the wall. Now, you can fix the atmosphere of your room without killing any animals! Problem solved. Measures 29"W x 30"H x 24"D.

    This can be taken as a moose or a deer whichever you prefer!
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